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Ultimate Lads Night

Tenerife's party scene is all year round


For the real party goers among us. A night of over indulgence, laughter and down right rudeness. Over the years we have worked on putting together the ultimate in lads experiences and as we work with every top venue on the island we believe we have cracked it so the only question is, are you all man enough??


What's included;

  • VIP area in one of Tenerife's premier bars.
  • 1 hours FREE bar including all drinks.
  • Party games and forfeits.
  • Your very own sexy host to meet and greet you and escort you to lap dance bar.
  • 1 FREE drink upon entrance to lap dance bar.
  • Stag lap dance show
  • Exclusive drinks promotions


Lets see who's got what it takes


Drop the team a message for more information