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Maris Clothing Co

Maris Clothing Company, was an idea created like many good ones whilst sat on the beach.  


A few years ago I tragically lost my mother and it was heart breaking, in memory to my mother we decided as a family to use the money she had earnt to buy the one thing she always wanted which was a family holiday home by the beach.  Following on from doing that we are lucky enough to be able to visit our house as much as we possibly can.  


We were sat in the autumn sunshine watching some friends come back in from surfing,  talking about how much joy we get from being able to escape to the beach and spend time in the sea.  And with that the concept of producing clothing that brings the feeling of joy from escaping the tough times in life to enjoy the beach and the calmness of the sea. 


So that brings us back to Maris, which in literal terms means of the sea.  As we hope wearing our clothing can bring back all the good memories you have had at the beach and the joy from spending time in the water. 


Having seen first-hand how quickly our  beaches can  disappear, we strive to be as ethical and sustainable as we can. From  the sourcing of fair trade garments, our continued effort to use less , and using recyclable plastic where it is necessary, we aim to  create a world that everyone gets to enjoy. 


Take a look at www.mariscc.co.uk and you'll be dreaming of the beach