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Pilates Retreat

Created by Joseph Pilates at the beginning of the last century, the Pilates method is a set of anaerobic exercises whose aim is to exercise the body and mind. Through its practice, Pilates improves our physical condition and increases our ability to control our mind and concentrate.  

The six essential principles that underpin Pilates are control, concentration, fluidity, precision, breathing and centring.  

The foundation is 34 basic exercises from which there are many combinations and extensions. It is an intense and effective method that produces remarkable benefits in the musculature and posture. 

Pilates helps us to strengthen our muscles and increase the control, strength and flexibility of our bodies. It has been found to be of particular benefit to people who suffer from back problems.  

Most Pilates exercises are done through a series of smooth and slow movements. In these movements we try to achieve the highest possible accuracy through the control of breathing, the correct alignment of our body and, of course, concentration.  


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