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Yoga Retreat

No matter what your own personal limitations or aliments are, Yoga is for everyone.   

The Iyengar method of Yoga is designed to cultivate strength, flexibility, balance and awareness. It is perfect for all, especially those suffering from such conditions as arthritis or an injury. Often using props, Iyengar is therapeutic and pays close attention to anatomical details and alignment in all postures (known as asanas).  


In Iyengar Yoga, asanas are held for longer allowing for tight muscles to stretch, lengthen and relax all at the same time. We finish each session with Savasana in which you are taught to relax and rest in a profound way, drawing your mind to an inner peace.  


Expectations of your Yoga classes:  

  • A safe, methodical progression through asanas.  
  • In performing asanas your technique will become precise, aligned and aware.  
  • Your development in strength, flexibility, balance, stamina and concentration.  
  • Clear demonstration and explanation from qualified teacher.  


Lets get bendy in the sunshine